Thursday, May 07, 2015

Check In

A day late, sorry!

How are we all doing regarding our attitudes?

I had a bit of a rough day yesterday, which is why I opted to wait to write and post this when I was having a more productive day. As we work to improve our attitudes and relationships with God, I want to remind everyone that it is important that we remember that God does not call us to be perfect. We will have rough days, we will mess up. What is important is that in the times, we lean on God and we ask for forgiveness.

This is the basket I've been working on for my daily Bible study. I have three journals you can see. I use one as a prayer journal, one for notes, and one for my personal journal. The yellow tin holds pens and pencils for my work. I also keep a note pad and various note cards in here to quickly write a note to a friend or family member in need while I have my Bible in front of me. My daily planner is also currently in this basket.

I hope you all are well and this helps to encourage you to push through the rest of this week!



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