Saturday, May 23, 2015

Intro to Week Four: Routines

How did the week go for you all? Did you and your family enjoy writing your Mission Statements?

Hopefully it went well for you and you are keeping those Statements handy for the week ahead!

Vintage Housewife from Google

This week we will be talking about routines and how to make ones that truly work for you and your family. Routines can be instrumental to keeping stability and peace in the home. Using our Mission Statements will help us to set priorities within our day and cut activities that are overwhelming us. Schedules can feel insurmountable and impossible to stick to, don't let this prevent you from trying! We may never accomplish everything on our list, but as long as we have a goal, we are moving in the right direction!

Take this weekend to prepare your mind and heart, clear a space for you to work efficiently (and maybe quietly haha!) and to gather your supplies. Keep an eye out for a special project this week as well!

Things you might need this week:
Pencils or Pen
Colored Pencils or Pens
Protector Sheets
Clock or Timer

You may use all of these or only some. On Monday I will have a more detailed post and you can decide what will work for you!



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