Sunday, May 03, 2015

Introduction to the Men's Bible Study

Greetings everyone!

Today, I’m writing to introduce the Men’s Bible Study I’ll be doing in order to further understand what it means to be a Real Man or a Godly man of character.

The study I’ll be using is Victory Series 1: God’s Story For You. The study provides a series of practical lessons on how to overcome personal weaknesses as men and how we can achieve victory over these weaknesses and grow to become Godly men in our daily lives. It provides a tiered structure of growing in our relationship with Christ, so that we might more clearly track our progress. It is intended to be a 30 day study, but I’ll be doing it as a 30 week study in an effort to parallel the women’s study.

Like Audrey, I too will be using the family’s KJV Bible to go along with the lessons. However, use whatever edition you feel most comfortable using.

Before you start each lesson, the book recommends that you read the Scripture associated with each lesson, so it may help to keep a pen and paper on hand to write out your initial thoughts before going into it. It may help to meditate on the passages for some time before you proceed with that lesson.

Most importantly though, pray about the lessons before you begin. Ask God to make you receptive to what you’re about to learn and how to apply it to your life.

Think about what a Real Man, a Godly Man, is. What does this man look and act like? Am I like this man? Do I reflect God in my daily life? What can I do to address my shortcomings? Write the questions down and think about them while you do your lesson and throughout the week. We can use them to grow in strength and faith.

I look forward to going on this journey with you. Have a wonderful Sunday,


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