Sunday, May 17, 2015

Week Two Wrap Up and the Crazy Week

My sweet readers, this week we had a midwife appointment. Many of you know we are eagerly looking forward to Monday and our ultrasound. However, this week, we got news that I'm not gaining enough weight and might be at risk for pre-eclampsia. My deepest apologies for not being more on top of writing, but this news hit me personally harder than most. My first baby was born premature due to pre-e and passed away from complications. I would so appreciate your prayers during this time!

Heading into this week, we are beginning a new challenge series: basic homemaking foundations! This week's focus is goal setting and family mission statements.

My sweet husband will not be writing as much for these challenges (homemaking isn't really his calling haha!) but will still pop in for a post or two for the gents occasionally as well as their Bible study.

During this challenge, let's keep our attitudes and calling from God in mind so that we may keep our paths straight and edifying towards Him.

Much love and blessings to you all,


PS. It's a girl!

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