Monday, June 15, 2015

Declutter Series Week One: Entry Way, Mudroom and Laundry Area

Welcome to week one! This week we will be decluttering, organizing and doing a quick clean in our Entry Ways, Mudrooms, and/or Laundry Areas. Take pictures of your areas to share in the group before you start!

If you do not have a dedicated Entry Way/Mudroom a great way to "fake the space" is to use a bookshelf with bins or a dresser. Putting hooks on the wall to hang coats and purses can also help to define your space. Keeping a basket for shoes keeps them contained and not laying about for you to trip on as well.

Our Entry Way
As you begin this area, gather all trash and get rid of it immediately. Then completely clear your area. Clean the space down (not deep clean just enough to be able to put things back into the space and not feel guilty about it) and then put your large pieces in place. Then, containerize! As you decide what to keep, immediately put it away in it's container, anything that goes into a different room put in a box labeled for that room. Anything you wish to donate, put in a bag or box. Once it is full, take it out to your car to drop off the next time you are in town. Keep a basket for change, keys, sunglasses etc in easy reach so you can immediately put items away when you walk in and find them easily as you leave.

Our Mudroom
Where do I get my bins and other organizational items? The Dollar Store and sometimes Walmart or Target. I love for things to look pretty and coordinated, but it's more important to me to get the job done first.

In your Laundry Room/Area, again, empty the whole space. Everything but the washer and dryer should be taken out to be organized. Wipe down your machines, vacuum and quickly mop. (if you haven't cleaned behind your machines in awhile, do it now. It's also a good time to clean out your dryer hose as these can be fire hazards) If you have the time, clean the inside of your machines (check with Google for how to properly clean your model).

Our Terrifying Laundry Room

Once the space is clean, sort your items. Groups your soaps together in a bin, your stain treatments, etc. Put these away. We keep our cleaning items here as well in a caddy to keep away from little ones. Try to keep everything off of the tops of your machines. These areas can quickly become dumping grounds but if you strive to keep them clear and clean you will always feel better walking into this space.

Now if you have laundry to do, let's get to work! Separate out loads that will be easy for you to fold and put away immediately. As soon as your load comes out of the dryer, get it put away.

The fun part is last: Decorate! Make yourself a list or routine and post it in these spaces to help you stay on top of cleaning it (as well as an inventory of items if you need). Enjoy your clean space and strive to keep it that way so your home always feels like an oasis, you deserve it!

I look forward to seeing your before and afters!



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