Thursday, June 18, 2015

Preparing for a Major Move

Many of you know that my husband is transitioning into the Reserve after serving our country in the Army and then as a military contractor for many years. We are moving into a new season of life in our family and are preparing for a possible move across the country.

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How do we prepare for such an event that isn't certain yet? Especially while pregnant and with a small child at home? (And good gracious how do you prepare when your home already feels overwhelming?!?)

Here is what I am doing.

Many of you know I love simplicity and bite size projects, I'm taking the same approach for this move and packing.

My first goal was to make a list of all the rooms here I had to pack up (if you know how many rooms you will have in your new home list them to give them purpose). In our home we have:

Master Bedroom
Family Closet
Guest Room
Dining Room
Laundry Area
Play Space
Living Room
Craft Room

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For each of these, I began listing categories within them. For instance, a bedroom will have decor, linens and maybe books. Our family closet has clothing for the each of us, seasonal clothing items, and baby clothing by gender. I try to be as detailed as possible listing these categories as this will be my base for figuring out boxes.

Once I finished this, I made a phased plan. I have three phases. The first is basically packing up everything we don't use on a regular basis. The second is packing up our garage and storage areas. The third is everything else including packing for our actual trip (ie. items we may need right away or while we are on the road). Based on our home I think the first two phases will take about two weeks each. This kind of plan and timing will look different for every family, but having the plan will help you stay on track.

Since we are decluttering the Entry Way and Laundry areas this week, I packed up what I could in there like out of season items. We've also been working on packing up items that already live in boxes (like my craft supplies) as well as books we don't use every day.

I hope this is helpful to some of you and inspires you on your journey!



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