Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Staying Organized While Packing

In the last seven years I have moved at least once a year. I've tried all kinds of packing tips but today I'll tell you what has worked best for us.

What I use:

Notebook paper
Page Protectors

Last week I talked about the lists I make before I even get started packing. I use that list to make a rough estimate of how many boxes I might need and what sizes. I try to use as many boxes of the same size as I can so they will stack well. I rarely use large boxes because I know that while they hold a lot in them, they tend to break, have items get broken, and don't stack very well (mostly because they end up too heavy).

The first things we decided to pack were baby clothing, books and my craft boxes. Baby clothing was sorted into three medium boxes: gender neutral, boys and girls. Craft boxes got put into 2 large boxes and the books are being packed by genre into small boxes.

Janet Kruskamp
Then I labelled. Baby clothing goes into our nursery so I labelled the boxes N1, N2 and N3. I wrote these box numbers on a sheet of paper along with their contents and put them into the binder. I like to pick colors for our labelling as well. The nursery boxes are all written in pink. The craft boxes are going into our office, O1 and O2. The books go into our homeschool room H1 and so on (I think we have 6 so far). Keeping each box as simple as possible really helps with packing, labelling and then organizing when unpacking.

Keep inventory as you pack and keep it in a binder so you can find it and the boxes quickly. I like to use page dividers with clear tabs so I can write in my colors on them. Page protectors let me check things off as I unpack as well. The goal of packing like this is to make your life less stressful, so don't worry if you are doing it "right" or not! Enjoy and happy packing!



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