Saturday, June 27, 2015

Wrap Up of Week Two: After Pictures of Living and Family Rooms

Our Living Room is the first room you walk into in our home. It's feeling so much fresher!

The bins were cleaned out and the chairs vacuumed.

The bench now holds five bins for movies, blankets, remotes, books and a few toys. The quilt was changed out and folded neatly for the top.

We moved the couch last week, but we moved the cat perch next to it this week. The table to the left of the couch has a bin underneath to hold cords and electronics.

Floors, windows, and trim were quickly wiped down. Rugs and furniture were vacuumed. All was cleaned just enough to make it look clean from when I moved things around, no deep cleaning or stressing out over how it looked.

I mentioned last week to make lists for each room as you clean them to keep them clean. Here's an example:

Every Day
Wipe surfaces down
Put items properly away
Sweep or dust mop
Straighten furniture

Every Week
Clean windows
Vacuum floors and furniture
Mop floors
Find three items to rehome

These lists can be posted on the walls of the rooms and/or added to a binder to begin making a Home Journal.

I hope the week has been productive for you all! Next week, we are tackling the kitchen!



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