Saturday, June 20, 2015

Wrap Up Week One: After Pictures of Entry Ways, Mudrooms and Laundry Areas

How did you week go ladies? Hopefully you are feeling encouraged and a few spaces in your home are feeling less overwhelming. Here are some after pictures of my home. Share yours in our group!

Our Entry Way leads directly into our living room. We moved our couch to make space for a bench and a bin for shoes. The dresser was re-purposed from our dining room and is holding jackets, shoes and other accessories. On top of the dresser are bins for keys, change, and sunglasses etc. We added a new entry mat to better match the rest of the room.

In our Mudroom, we packed up our out of season items, added labels and a bin for purses. Coats were hung, shoes put into the bin in the bench or on their shelf, and a basket for keys etc added.

We also added a rug to freshen up the space.

Our Laundry Area is a bit more of a challenge.

We put our laundry soaps in the metal bin to make it easier to move. The laundry basket is for clean laundry and the divided bin on the right for dirty. The white container behind the laundry basket is what we are using as a washer right now (teeny tiny loads). Up above, we reorganized our cleaning items into labeled bins.

I can't wait to see all your spaces! Next week, we are working on Living Rooms and Family Rooms. Get ready with your before pictures for Monday!



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