Saturday, July 18, 2015

Declutter Series Week Five: Bathroom After Pictures

It's the end of week five and hopefully we all have slightly cleaner bathrooms.

My birthday was Monday. I am now 26! I spent the week with family so my sincere apologies for being behind this week.

Our one little bathroom seems fresher to me now. Our toddler now has his own little potty and self care area.

His self care area and storage for our shower supplies (there is no storage in our shower).

These bins (from Big Lots and Target) hold our self care items. My husbands are on the left, hair brushes in the center and mine on the right.

Over our toilet we have a few books we are currently reading and more storage for diaper supplies, bath items and a catch all bin.

Our matching sink decor and shower curtain came from Big Lots. Our towels were bought at Target later but coordinate nicely.

Lastly, under our sink are now two bins holding cleaning supplies and our hair cutting kit.

I hope this week encouraged you ladies and I'm looking forward to next week: the Master Bedroom!



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