Monday, July 13, 2015

Declutter Series Week Five: Bathrooms

Here we are on Week Five: Bathrooms!

Take a before picture of your space (or a few) and share with the ladies in the group. Then let's get started!

Gather bags or boxes to sort: Keep, Donate, Relocate, and Trash

Sort and Purge as you go. Go through every cabinet, shelf, bin, shower, etc.

Then clean. Wash your towels and shower curtain if you can. Do a quick clean of the toilet, sink, bath tub and shower. Vacuum the floors and do a mop down.

Once you are done, organize. Put back only what you really need. Everything else, trash or donate. Organize into bins with like items together to keep it all corralled and easy to find.

Take out your trash immediately and load your donations into the car. Take items that belong in other rooms to their proper places.

Post your after pictures later this week!



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