Monday, July 06, 2015

Declutter Series Week Four: Dining Areas

Welcome to week four! This week, we are tackling our dining areas. Whether you have an actual dining room, an eat in area in the kitchen, table and chairs on the patio or some other area you and your family eat choose that space.

This space is another catch all often in homes. In even more homes, it is rarely used. At the end of the week, hopefully you will have some order brought to this space so you may choose to use it!

Like the other spaces, you will want to gather something to organize your dining room needs in. This might be bins or baskets if you have shelves to put them on, a dresser, an armoir, or other piece of furniture.

Use your drawers, bins, etc to organize your placemats, table cloths, napkins, napkin rings, fancy dishware, disposable dishware and whatever else you keep in this space. Separate all items into categories, keep like items together and store like categories near each other if possible.

In our house, this room is a disaster as we don't have any storage. I get most of my storage items from the Dollar Store, Walmart, Target and Big Lots, so we'll be making a run to one or more of these stores this week! Our bedroom is off this room so I'm very hopeful to make this space more peaceful so mornings will feel better. (And yes, that is a broken window....toddlers ;) )

As always ladies, take this room at your pace. Don't let the challenge overwhelm you. Only pull out what you are sure you can deal with in allotted time. Remember, during our next challenge (Cleaning Series) we will come back to these rooms!



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