Sunday, July 12, 2015

Declutter Series Week Four: Dining Space After Pictures

Apologies for the tardiness! It is my birthday weekend and there has been much chaos in our home. I'll quickly share our after pictures before running off to join my family again though!

We had no storage in this room so I borrowed a night stand from the nursery. The drawer holds our cloth napkins and napkin rings. I'm still looking for a bin to put on the shelf to hold placemats. I grabbed a low wooden bin from our games closet (it used to hold a checkers set but we've long since lost the pieces) and used it to corral our internet boxes. On the shelves above are a candle and oil diffuser to make this room feel a little more homey and lovely.

A quick wipe down of this table and vacuuming the rug made a huge difference. These placemats are reversible (the opposite side is brown with cream) and were on sale at Big Lots. I'm planning to repaint the table and chairs, but that will have to wait until after baby girl is born.


Off to the right in this picture, I leaned a ladder against the wall. I plan to put some knick knacks on it, but will need to secure it to do so. Through the hallway door is our linen closet where many of my dining linens are now stored (instead of dumped on the table). It is open storage so I'm still working on a plan for that!

Next week, we are working on bathrooms! 

I hope you all have had a wonderful week and enjoy the weekend!



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