Monday, July 27, 2015

Declutter Series Week Seven: Children's and Guest Bedrooms

It's week seven and time to tackle the children's rooms and guest bedroom!

We have a nursery attached to our room and the bedroom next to ours doubles as our son's room as well as the guest bedroom.

Like last week, we will just be tackling the room not the closet at this time.

Make sure to take a before picture and share with our group!

Gather bins to sort into: trash, donate, keep in room, for another room, clothes and toys.

Then focus on one spot at a time. Do not overwhelm yourself with the whole room! Work from space to space, hot spot to hot spot. Begin maybe under the bed or with a dresser top, then move to another.

If you find clothes, quickly sort through them checking sizes and condition.

Clean as you go: wiping down surfaces, cleaning windows, dusting fans and other touchable areas. Vacuum once you have finished sorting the room.

Now begin organizing! We do not keep toys in our children's rooms so those would immediately be removed but if you do keep toys in these rooms I suggest using containers or bins to keep like items together. Use baskets and dividers to keep surfaces and drawers clean and organized.

Then take the trash to the curb and donation items to your car to dispose of the next time you are in town.

Best wishes in this week ahead ladies!



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