Monday, July 20, 2015

Declutter Series Week Six: Master Bedroom

Welcome to Week Six in our Declutter Series! This week's challenge is the Master Bedroom.

There is no need to worry about the closet at this time, we will tackle that later on.

Begin with your before picture and share it with the other ladies in our group.

Yes, this is my real Master Bedroom. The large bag is Dh's 
he just returned from a weekend away for Army Reserve duty.

Gather some bags or bins to sort into. You might want to use the categories of: Trash, Donate, Different Room, Clothes and Keep for This Room.

Then concentrate on one spot at a time. Do not overwhelm yourself with the whole room! Start with just the top of your dresser or clean out under the bed. Work from hot spot to hot spot sorting as you go. If you find clothes, quickly try them on then decide if you should keep them or donate (or even trash if they are beyond repair).

This is where I have spent the last few months mostly.
I do the majority of my work from bed (this pregnancy has been a bit rough on me)

Clean the spaces as you go. Wipe down surfaces and vacuum the floor. A quick wipe down of ceiling fans, windows, doors and other touchable areas in the room is a good idea.

Once it is clean and sorted, begin organizing. Use baskets and bins to corral like items together. Using drawer dividers is very helpful even in nightstands, no more rummaging for the Kindle charger! You might want to move furniture around at this time as well and you may find you don't need all the pieces you have.

Our toddler's floor bed. Working on getting him into 
the nursery which is through the archway to the right.

Take out the trash immediately and load the donation items into your car to get rid of the next time you are in town.

Good luck in this week ladies and I hope this challenge helps your bedrooms to feel more like a sanctuary!



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