Friday, July 03, 2015

Declutter Series Week Three: Kitchen After Pictures

It's the end of week three and time to post our after pictures in our group ladies!

Starting over by our sink, all the dishes were cleaned and the sink shined. The island was cleaned and oiled. Decor was added to our window sill and the counters cleaned down. To the right, all of our dishes were organized in the upper cabinet. The cabinet under the sink now has a small bucket holding our kitchen wash items. There are three drawers to the right of the dishwasher that hold our silverware, linens and rags.

Looking over towards the fridge, the curtain was washed and our dump spot cleared. All of our baking items were put into the lower cabinets (measuring cups and spoons and the like are in the drawers) and the upper cabinet holds our vitamins and supplements.

The top of the fridge was organized into a basket (with my lovely anniversary flowers from last year!) and the fridge was cleaned down completely. The cabinets on the bottom right hold our small appliances and glass storage containers. The upper cabinets are our pantry and didn't get organized during this round. The two drawers hold appliance extras and our plastic bag collection.

Over in the stove corner, the baskets are for our potatoes, onions and other root vegetables. The shelves hold our bottled water and usually our toddler's dishes and snack (he rearranged haha). The lower right cabinets have our pots and pans, the drawer above hold can openers and other kitchen utensils. Up above are our grains, oils, sweeteners and vinegars. The cabinet above the stove now holds cookbooks and the one directly to the right has spices in it.

Everything is labelled to make it easy to find things right now and to keep things simple. Labels encourage us to put things away in the proper place and to continue to keep our spaces clean.

Next week, we are headed into the Dining Room!



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