Thursday, July 09, 2015

Keeping the Home Clean Once You Have Organized

As we work through this Declutter Series challenge here are some tips for keeping up your hard work!

1. Have the children help. Before nap and bedtime, I have my toddler help me clean up his toys and other spaces for 15 minutes.

2. Take advantage of nap and bed times. I require that my son still nap even if he doesn't want to. He stays in his room with low lights, some music and a few books. During this time I work on projects (or relax. Yay Mommy Time!)

3. For every item in, one item goes out. Try as we might, new things will make their way into our house. When they do, add an item to your trash or donate pile.

4. Get rid of your donate pile immediately. Most people put their trash out once a week, think of your donate pile the same way. Add to it regularly and get rid of it regularly.

5. Give items a proper place. If there is a labelled container, items will get put away. Pick up simple bins from the Dollar Store and while your there you can grab labels. I've been known to tape off sections in our storage space as well so it's easy to find and put away items (like Christmas boxes).

6. Create rotation boxes. Get stuff out of your daily use areas. Box up some items and put aside for bad weather days, treats or to decide to get rid of after a few months. This works especially well with toys and books.

7. Get rid of any big items that you can. Extra furniture creates visual clutter and is money waiting to happen! Bless another family who needs it.

8. Clean the middles every day. Pick up items of the floor, return things to their proper room and space and quickly sweep or vacuum the middles. It's clean. Now don't worry about it.

9. Do a little every day. Work on one bigger project over several days. Break it down into small pieces. If you need to clean the walls, do one each day until they're done.

10. Don't sweat it if you get behind. It happens. Take a deep breath and start again. Give yourself grace. If you need help, ask for it. Don't let your pride stop you and don't let stuff overwhelm you. At the end of the day, it's just stuff and life is so much more important.



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