Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Proper, Correct and Right: Definitions of the "Way" in the Home

As mothers and wives, we often find ourselves stressed out by messy houses, chaotic children, and unhelpful husbands. Our unrealistic expectations are our undoing. One reason for the expectations, is that we have not examined the way we get things done.

It is important to understand that the way we do things in our home is automatically defined as the "right way" in our mind. We tend to expect that everyone else will do things this way without us telling them. Unrealistic.

Right way can only be defined by you and often is only understood by you. It is unlikely that anyone will ever do anything the way that you would, however, children (and husbands) can be shown how to do things the correct and proper ways.

Correct way is when there is no other way to do a task without causing damage or being unsuccessful. Like opening a jar or door. These tasks are easy to identify and teach. They seem to come as second nature once identified.

Proper way is a little more complicated, but this way always makes sense. Proper way can be easily explained because the answer is obvious once explained. For instance, you buy bins and label them with toy types. It becomes obvious that dinosaurs go in one of the bins. That is their proper place.

Proper way seeks to simplify tasks as much as possible to cause as little stress as possible. The goal is never to force children to do things your way (the "right way") rather, to lay foundation for good habits.

I hope this helps some mamas this week to ease some stress and maybe encourages you to simplify around your home so that your children can help you in the "proper way".



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