Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Declutter Series Week Eight: Family Closets

I missed last week due to some personal and family surprises but I'm back for week eight!

This week, we are working on closets. It's time to go through clothes, find out what doesn't fit or is worn through and to organize what we are keeping!

We only have one closet that we keep clothes in for our family. Our son's room does not have a closet so we created the ever growing in popularity "family closet". However, it's a total mess right now.

Start by taking a before picture and sharing with our group.

Then gather bins to sort in: Trash, Donate, Keep, Store, and Other Room.

Then sort! Be brutal, if you haven't worn it in 6 months, you probably don't need it. If you are saving clothing to pass down to other children, be truly realistic about whether they will wear it when it finally fits. If you decide to save items for memory sake, immediately put them in a labelled box for that child.

Once you have gone through the whole closet(s), quickly clean them. Vacuum, mop, dust, wipe down, etc to get it feeling fresh.

Now organize. As you put things away, separate items into categories. Store short sleeved shirts together, all skirts together, all dresses and so forth. You may want to organize by color as well. Use bins to corral socks, underclothes and the like. Store sweaters on shelves or in bins as they may stretch if they are on hangers.

Looking forward to seeing after pictures later this week ladies!



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