Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Declutter Series Week Nine: Play and Family Rooms

And we're back in the Declutter Challenge ladies!

It took me two weeks to work on our closets (and I'm still not really done) but I'm pushing ahead!

This week we'll be working in the play and family rooms. Purging all. those. toys!

Begin by taking a picture of your spaces and share in our group with the other wonderful ladies.

Then gather bags or boxes to sort into: trash, donate, keep and other room.

As you go through toys, be sure to put sets together separately. Once you are finished going through all of the toys, you can put these sets into bags or bins so they are easy to find.

Also, be mindful about toys you might be able to rotate out. I usually have our toy kitchen, car mat, and a small toy box out daily. Our blocks, dress up, animals, dolls, etc are kept in a closet to rotate.

Do the same for books and DVDs as well as games. Keep an eye out for outside toys that can have their own bin!

When you are done, containerize! Then take an after picture and drop off your trash and donate bags.

Blessings in this challenge,


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