Saturday, August 01, 2015

Declutter Series Week Seven: After Pictures Children's Rooms

End of week seven! I am personally so excited to see my children's room coming together.

First, a glimpse into our nursery. This small room is attached to the Master Bedroom. Our theme is Peter Rabbit. My mother made me the beautiful bedding when I was born.

Now into our "big kids room" which doubles as our guest room. This side is meant for my son, though he's not quite ready to be on his own yet. I like to stick with vintage themes so they might grow with the children. The quilt was made by my great aunt and the wall decor was a gift from my mother.

The other side of the room has the beginnings of a little girl's space. The fairies and wall decor are from my childhood room and the bedding (Alice in Wonderland) was my mother's.

It's a small room, but enough space for a "drop spot" table and a laundry basket. This room does not have a closet, but we use a family closet for now.

Next week, for week eight, we will be working in our Office spaces! If you do not have a dedicated office, seek to carve out some space for keeping bills, family and homemaking binders and the like.

Blessings in the weekend,


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