Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Discipline with Virtues Part One

Self Control and Patience

Several ladies have asked me to write about discipline so this post is for them! This is how we are handling discipline right now with an almost three year old.

I believe strongly in character and virtue development as well as practical skills. Our discipline centers around these.

We are currently working on Self Control and Patience. When my sweet boy has done something he shouldn't have, he is asked to stand facing a wall with the following instructions: hands on the wall, eyes on the wall and body still. I try to never give him more than three steps as multiple instructions can be so confusing!

When he has managed to stand still and calm, I get down on his level and we repeat together:

I will exercise self control and patience. I will listen and obey immediately, cheerfully and entirely. (This is called our ICE statement)

We then recite Ephesians 6:1 together

Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right.

Throughout our day we say these phrases and verse together; during diaper changes, dressing, cleaning up, and heading to bed. 

Similar to our rule for standing at the wall, at bed time we ask that our little one keep his eyes closed, mouth quiet and body still. I'll write more about bedtime later!

I hope this has helped some of you! If you feel led to comment, please keep it Christ centered and kind!



Added: After some comments from some readers I feel I need to mention, I am not in any way preventing my child from having emotions nor am I requiring perfection from him. He is 3 and he is learning. We use the Bible in everything and I get great joy from it and he feels very accomplished being able to recite portions now. When we ask him to cheerfully obey we mean that he needs to do so without throwing a fit. If he does throw a fit (which happens with little ones) he needs to calm down first, then obey. I hope this clears up some confusion heart emoticon


  1. That is a very lovely way to handle when he disobeys! I'm so happy to hear that you are working on the whole child (body, mind and spirit). Keep going Mamma you are doing great!

  2. Kind, gentle, truthful. Truth and grace. You've got a great start!