Sunday, August 30, 2015

Our First Year in Homeschool

It's almost here! September--the month we begin preschool at home.

So many have asked what I will be doing with my little man this year (and I'm sure many of you have looked at my Pinterest trying to guess!). With a baby due in October, we will be slowly easing into this process, but I will give a general overview of our goals for the year here.

This year will be teacher/Mama led. I plan to work in 4 year cycles with the first four being directed this way. School will only be done a few minutes at a time right now, however long it takes me to read a story essentially. Our main goals are to teach basic life skills and to build Godly character.

For literature we will be using A.A.Milne and Beatrix Potter. Their stories can be swapped back and forth and are easily matched with seasons. There are also lovely versions of these available on Youtube for the children to enjoy when Mama needs a short break. Most of these works can be found at the library or online for free. (I am also considering using the Tales of Raggedy Ann and Andy but have not decided yet based on time).

For language we will be doing introductions to French, Latin and Greek. This sounds like a lot, however, French will be introduced through Babar (available in French for free on Youtube and in books at the library). Very gentle and simple. Latin and Greek will be introduced through Bible verses that we will already be studying. ASL has already been a part of our daily lives and will continue to be used to build vocabulary.

Music appreciation will include listening to classic hymns and other music like Bach and Mozart. Becoming familiar with rhythm and instruments. Basic finger exercises will be used to lay the foundation for piano in a few years.

Art and science will be mixed for now with journaling. We will discuss weather and the world around us, drawing pictures as we go. This same journal will be used each day for my little one to draw a picture of what we did (helping to build memory and teach cause and effect). Mama will probably also keep notes here for memory's purpose.

Character development was already briefly touched on in another post and will need many posts in the future. We will use Bible verses and stories to encourage skills and attitudes this year as well as teaching basic skills and etiquette. Skills such as: setting and clearing the table, potty training, cleaning up toys, folding simple laundry, sweeping, etc.

Building on this will be intro to dance and movement. I grew up as a ballet dancer and see value in a strong and healthy body. We will learn about strength and stretching and building on our music appreciation through movement. No formal dance training will be done this year, however an intro to nutrition will also be touched on.

History will be based on a Young Earth Biblical view. We will be starting this 4 year cycle with the Ancient World using free resources online and books from the library to learn about Creation through 450 AD.

Through all of this we will learn basic math skills: counting, shapes, addition and subtraction etc. Basic recognition of colors, seasons, daily happenings, animals, sounds, and so forth are what lay the foundation for solid learning later on.

I hope this was informative and gives you some ideas! Over the next few weeks (and rest of the year) I'll share my resources and pictures of what we are doing. So looking forward to sharing this journey with you!



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