Monday, September 21, 2015

After Pictures of Entry Ways

We are still working on unpacking boxes, but the entry ways are feeling more homey.

I have a little furniture now and some fall d├ęcor beginning to make their way out.

Before moving in, I cleaned the windows and baseboards and wiped down switch plates. It smells nicer in my opinion and seems much fresher to have this cleaning done.

You will notice I keep my entry way very simple. I like to do this throughout my home to make cleaning easier.

Our closet has a basket for shoes as well as hanging space. I use the basket mainly for everyday shoes and the hanging storage for nicer shoes. The hanging shelves will have bins eventually to store hats and gloves as the weather gets cooler. Above on the shelf are my diaper bags and eventually coats will be hung here as well.

Keeping this space clean in the weeks to come: I assign spaces to each day of the week. Mondays are entry ways and outdoor spaces. I spend 15 minutes on that day focusing in this area. In the new year, I will spend one month deep cleaning this space as needed.

I hope you are all feeling better about your entry ways and inspired for the weeks ahead!



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