Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Declutter Series Week Ten: Bonus Room

I haven't updated about the playroom or this week's challenge because my phone, with all my pictures has broken! I'll post this without the pictures then add them as soon as I can!

Almost done! It's week ten and this week is your bonus room. Pick whatever room you haven't gotten to or one that needs a little pick up again.

First, take your before pictures and post in the group!

Grab some bags or boxes to sort trash, donatations, keep and other room items into.

Start in one corner or on one surface. Sort everything!

Once done sorting, clean. Vacuum and dust quickly. Do not worry about perfection.

Then containerize! Keep like items together and put them away where it makes sense.

Take an after picture and load up your donation bags to drop off next time you're in town and take the trash to the curb.



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