Thursday, September 10, 2015

New House Tour

I know you all have been desiring to see our new home, so here is a quick tour!

The exterior of our home. To the right is a three car garage with studio apartment above. There is a large circle drive and a view of preserve area surrounding the golf course across the street.

The front entry hall. Off of this there are two rooms (to the right and left) and an open living room.

This is the room to the left in the previous picture. It is intended to be a dining room but will be our library lounge. Lots of bookshelves and a comfy chair will be in here!

This room is to the right.  It will be our office with more book space and a large table for a desk.

The living room is a beautiful open space with a bay window (I've always wanted one!). Built-ins flank the wood burning fireplace and by the entrance to the kitchen is stair to the second floor.

The kitchen has an eat in area that overlooks the backyard and a large pantry (perfect for little ones to hide in!).

The bright yellow laundry room and several closets are in the hall outside the kitchen. Excited to finally have a laundry room...and washer and dryer!

Just down the hall from the laundry room is a second entrance through a beautiful screened porch. Outside this porch is a path to the garage and the apartment.

At the other end of the hall is a half bath (with an amazing mirror!)

And to the right is our master bedroom. There is a patio outside this room that connects to the kitchen.

The master bath has a walk in closet that will function as our family closet. No running laundry up and down stairs!

Back out in the living room, we head up stairs. To the left is a guest room and bath, to the right the children's rooms and play room.

Guest bath. This guest room is really neat. It has a built in murphy bed and craft table. Unfortunately my pictures didn't come out!

This room will belong to our little R. He's very excited to have a "big boy room"!

This room connects to a jack-and-jill bathroom and then another bedroom.

Eventually, this room off the jack-and-jill bathroom will belong to our sweet E when she is old enough.

Down the hall is another large closet. This will be storage for now, but might be another family closet if we need it in the future. A ladder to the attic is in this room as well. My DH has dreams of finishing off that space (it's over 1000 sq ft!).

And lastly, possibly my favorite room. The play room....with built ins! A few more bookshelves will be added to this room to store all the toys, books and other child fun stuffs. I imagine the children will play down stairs mostly right now, so I will have lots of bins and baskets so only a few things come down at a time.

So that's the tour ladies! This is the final view from the balcony upstairs. I look forward to sharing more with you as we move in and decorate!



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