Monday, September 14, 2015

Preparing for Christmas Challenge: Entry Way

This week we are working in our entry ways ladies.

As for me and my household, we will serve the LORD
Joshua 24:15

Take a before picture and share with the group on Facebook!

Today, begin with making a list of what you need to work on in this area. Is it really working for you the way that it is?

We will be deep cleaning this area so prepare to clean windows, baseboards, switch plates, light fixtures, walls and floors. Is there any furniture you will need to clean as well? Are there any bulbs that need to be replaced? If you have a porch area, could it use a sweeping off?

Before you clean, take some time to declutter this zone. Grab some bags or boxes to sort through trash, donations, things that need to go to another room and items you will keep here. Start in one small area and work your way around. Ask yourself, does this bring me joy? Does it serve a helpful purpose? Does another item serve the same purpose?

When you have decluttered and cleaned, look at the items you have left. How will you store these? What decor do you have? A basket for shoes is always helpful. It can be stored under a bench for you to sit on when you are putting on shoes. Do you have hooks or a closet for coats? How about an area for bags? Do you have a rug to catch dirt as it comes in? Make a list of the things you may need, then, first, go shopping in your own home! What can you repurpose? Do you have an extra chair in the garage? There's your shoe changing space! Do you have left over hooks from another project? Use them for coats!

When done organizing, keep a list of items you want to be on the look out for on the notepad mentioned in the previous post. Check this list often for when items go on sale or you find a good deal at a yardsale.'s time to decorate! I like to keep this area fairly simple, but the verse above will be in my new entry way along with some seasonal flowers. As you finish your decorating, take a picture to share with the group at the end of the week!

Blessings in this week ladies,


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