Monday, September 21, 2015

Preparing for Christmas Week Two: Laundry Areas

This week we are working in our laundry spaces.

If you have a mountain of laundry like I do, begin by sorting that into doable loads and getting them clean. Once clean, quickly sort through these items to determine what is trash, donation and keep items.

I personally think this is possibly the most important room to deep clean. More house fires start in this room due to dryer lint than almost anywhere else. This week, we will be cleaning our washers and dryers as well as the walls, floors, cabinets if you have them and whatever else you have in this space.

Make a list of your goals for this room. What do you need to get done in here this week and how long do you think it will take? Gather your cleaning items and some bags to sort into.

First go through sorting trash, donation, keep items and things that need to go to another room.
Then begin cleaning. Pull your machines away from the wall to clean behind them (and under them if possible).

Search online to see how to properly clean your machines and how to clean the dryer vent. This is usually not a difficult task and is WELL worth it. Typically, vinegar and bleach do the job of cleaning along with a rag for the washer. A vacuum is often all that is needed for the dryer with a damp rag for wiping down.

Once this is done, push your machines back into place and clean in front of them. Don’t forget to mop!

Now organize your supplies. Containerize whatever you can and keep it within easy reach to make laundry go more quickly.

As you finish, make a list of decorating items you may want for this room along with any organizing items that may make your life easier. Add these to the list from last week so while you are out and about you can keep a watch for them.

Blessings in this challenge ladies,


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