Monday, October 05, 2015

After Pictures of Laundry Room

This post is very late, but I'll share now!

This is our laundry room with new washer and dryer and a semi organization set up.

These were delivered and wonderfully moved by my amazing father so that I can now fit my cleaning supplies beside them (you can sort of see the handles of my mops on the far end).

My soaps are all in the basket on the left and my stain removers are on the right. I have one large box of soap that is not in this picture because it had not be delivered at the time. In the center is a microfiber duster I use to wipe down the stainless steel portions of my machines (dust and finger prints are driving me crazy!)

More cleaning supplies in this cabinet. The bottom one holds the cat dishes. I love this because it keeps the food and water from spilling on the floor. I have a tray in there as well to keep it neat.

This bottom cabinet holds the cat litter box (with a tray under as well). Up above is our sink and in the upper cabinet the cat food.

This space is fairly small, but someday I hope to tone down the yellow a bit, maybe some pretty wall paper (or just a different color haha!). Hope you enjoyed this tour.



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