Saturday, October 10, 2015

After Pictures of the Living Room

It's time to post our after pictures in the group sweet friends!

This week we worked on our living rooms. Mine was a mess. Boxes everywhere and toys all over the floor. I took it slow this week and worked on one type of mess at a time.

I started off setting up our tv and cleaning up our movies.

Our couch and table were cleaned up to better serve our family now

In the bay window, I decorated with clings and set out a small basket of autumn items (fake to be safe).

The toys in this room were driving me crazy so I opted to use our hutch to store them.

Down below are two baskets of toys that are rotated out, books, and a busy bag.

Up above are blankets, stuffed animals, a little chair and "occasional toys". These are toys that may only be used with mama or daddy around and only when the baby is sleeping.

And lastly for decorating, our lovely fireplace.

I hope you ladies have had a wonderful week and look forward to our challenge next week!



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