Monday, October 19, 2015

The Birth of Our Evie

September 27th began like most other days. I made breakfast for Rho and tried to straighten up the mess from the night before. On my list for the day was unpacking the boxes for the family closet and getting everything labelled. As soon as we cleaned up, I got started.

I was 38 weeks. A huge achievement for me after two preemies. My husband had deployed the day before (Saturday) and I was anxiously waiting to hear if he had made it to his base.

I kept myself busy, getting little projects done (I believe I started 16 different tasks haha) before my phone pinged at 4 pm. He had landed! He was safe. I could relax and get things ready for the evening.

My son was overtired at this point, he had skipped nap that day so I opted for an early supper and bath followed by cuddles and a movie. At 6 pm when I put him in the bath though, I went to the bathroom and noticed I was lightly bleeding.

I immediately called my mother. My step father was an EMT at one point and started asking me several questions before telling me to call my midwife. I have a history of very quick labors and at the time, we weren't entirely sure of the situation.

I chatted with my midwife and we decided I was in the early stages of labor! My contractions were mild and irregular so she suggested I call my family to get everyone ready. About an hour later (it was now about 9 pm) my mother and father arrived at my home to help out.

By this time, my labor was picking up. My back and hips were hurting badly. I had to stop talking and sit during several contractions. Around 10 my contractions were becoming more regular so my midwife had us prepare to come in. At midnight I was admitted to the birth center.

My husband still didn't know that I was in labor! I had sent him a message, but the time difference is so great, I knew the earliest he would get it was about 5 am our time. I figured things were going so quickly, the baby would be here already and he'd wake up to pictures. However, my body had other ideas.

I was 4 cm upon admittance and about 80% effaced, but at 3 am there had been no change. At 4, my husband was able to get in touch with me and we actually got to speak on the phone! My contractions were painful. I was breathless. I was exhausted. I had been up for almost 24 hours (my son went to bed at 1 am he was so excited). By 5 I couldn't talk anymore. The assistant midwife suggested I lay down to get some rest. We were all sure the baby would be here very soon.

At 7 when I woke up though, there was still little change. I had stalled. My contractions had almost stopped. I was still exhausted and feeling discouraged. I walked, bounced on the birthing ball, stretched, did everything we could think of. The contractions picked up again and we decided to try for another rest laying in a position that would help me continue to dilate.

But again my labor stalled. It was now mid afternoon. I was hungry and ready to be done. This was my longest labor. Already double my previous birth. I was worried because we didn't have much at home that we needed (we now knew that sweet baby would not fit into her cloth diapers nor much of the clothing). My husband was waiting for his next flight and we were just praying baby would get here before he was unavailable again.

So Mom and I decided to go shopping. We went to Babies r Us and picked up some preemie sized clothing and diapers. Then went by her school to finish up some work for her students for the week. I walked the stairs and we could see a change. We knew these contractions were working.

We headed back to the birth center to get checked. I was 5 cm, 6 during contractions and 90% effaced.

We were faced with decisions. It was 5:30 pm. We couldn't break my water yet so I could either go home or I could let my midwife soften and move my cervix.

I was so ready for the second option.

About 30 minutes later I was fulled effaced and 7-8 cm dilated. We could break my water!

My husband was now sitting in an airport messaging with my mother keeping up with all that was going on (very cute conversation haha).  My contractions moved quickly. I was still able to talk but feeling ill (a good sign for me, it means I'm about ready to start pushing).

We got out the birthing stool, hoping to support my back and hips which were now throbbing. I was instructed to start to slowly push when I felt contractions.

And then it left hip locked up.

I couldn't feel my leg from my lower back to my knee. I was in agony and numb at the same time. And I was absolutely frightened. (For those who may not know, I was a ballet dancer in my younger days and suffered several back and hip injuries during the time.)

We moved to the bed for more comfort and support, but I couldn't put any pressure on my left side without excruciating pain. I rolled partly to my right side for the next three small pushes, but baby was descending quickly and we all just wanted her out.

My midwife and assistant got me back flat and told me if I could give one good push, baby would be out. So I tried. I pushed hard. The pain and exhaustion were getting in my way though and this became a problem. Now baby was part way here but not enough. They helped me push one more time and she was here!

Neither of us were completely out of the woods though. My hip was still locked and I had heavy bleeding (I have in the past struggled with borderline anaemia) and sweet baby had slightly low blood sugar.

She was here though! She cried and nursed well (with the help of a little glucose) and a few hours later we were headed home.

The best part: my husband was able to know the moment she arrived!

We are so thankful for our beautiful Evaliene Faith (Eh-va-leen). She is certainly blessed and much prayed for.

For this child I prayed; and the LORD hath given me my petition which I asked of him
1 Samuel 1:27

Our rainbow baby. Our sweet girl. She is now with us and in our hearts forever.

I hope you have enjoyed our story!



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