Saturday, October 24, 2015

Where is Our Focus?

What we focus on with passion is what we get in our lives.

Powerful statement isn't it?

What we focus on with passion is what we get in our lives. Goodness, what kind of responsibility does this mean we must accept?

Do we need to accept that maybe our poor relationships, debt, illness, etc may be our passions?

Every day we have a choice: we can complain or we can be thankful.

When we complain it does nothing for us except expend our energy. We get nowhere and is does nothing for our relationship with God.

But when we are thankful, oh! This changes our lives. It brings us joy!

Being thankful keeps our focus on God. It keeps our focus on what HE would have us be and do. It creates passion in our relationship with Him.

Wouldn't it be amazing to have a passionate relationship with Him every day?

To be truly in love with Him. To allow Him to lead us. To be sold out to His plan.

What a difference that could make in our lives.

When our focus is first on Him our paths are directed by Him.

Don't make Him your second thought, make Him your first!

Your family, job, bills, home, even yourself--those come second. We may not want to think this at first, but we can live without all of those things. We cannot live without Him. He gives us the beauty that is in our lives.

So make your first thought in the morning "What would you have me do today Lord?". Set your sights on being a woman after His own heart.

When you do this, you will find your heart will change, your attitude will change, your world will change.

When you struggle ladies, and we know that we will, stop. Turn on some hymns. Pray. Reset with some of these verses. (For more verses, click here)

We must learn to accept the responsibility that when it feels like our lives are falling apart, we need to cling to God rather than try to fix things on our own. Dig deep into His Word. Nurture your relationship with Him.

And believe ladies.

Believe that He has you right where you need to be and where He wants you. Rather than praying He take life's current challenges from you, try asking Him what He is wanting you to learn. Remember, your current reality is only a season. Through Him all things are possible. Your current state doesn't define you, He does! Rejoice in this! He is your future so make Him your focus!

I hope this encourages you sweet friends!



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