Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A Dump Post

It's been a crazy last week and I have another ahead of me. I had my family in town much of this past week and my mother in law is coming this weekend. I'm in "clean all the stuffs!" mode.

To wrap up last week:

We were working in our playrooms. Someone asked how do you know what to rotate?

Do what feels right for you.

I leave out open ended toys: blocks, balls, a few dress up items, cars and play characters. Everything else--the musical instruments, stuffed animals, play sets, puzzles, etc--get packed away to play with occasionally.

For this week:

I decided to keep working in the same area so I'm cleaning my children's rooms. I know I usually have pictures, but I'm writing this post with a baby in my arms so I'll have to add those later haha!

In my life:

Some of you know I have had a very throw uppy baby. We have figured out most of her triggers now and she is feeling much better. We had a good night's sleep for the first time since she was born!

My son has been doing very well. We are back to homeschooling! We spent time yesterday learning Latin declensions and some basic French. He truly enjoys learning and spending time with mama.

My husband and I had been through some struggles, as some of you know. We have found a wonderful mentor that is counselling us and in the last week, our lives have drastically changed.

My other bit of news:

Prior to my sweet baby being born, I had a dream of starting a business. I was on track to do this but I was a little unprepared for what two children on my own will be like. I am happy to announce though that I am now working from home in my own business! This means so much to me and my family and could mean big things for this little blog in the future!

I hope you all are having a wonderful week and I'm praying for you all daily.



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