Saturday, November 07, 2015

Kitchen and Pantry After Pictures

This week, instead of showing pictures of a pristine kitchen, I thought I would show you all what a Saturday really looks like for me.

I routinely make broth, bread, soup and other bulk meal items for the week on the weekends. This is what my kitchen looks like after a day of cooking and already doing one load of dishes.

I will share pretty pictures of my pantry now organized though!

Each bin hold a category of food. It is more bare right now than usual because my bulk items are not in here (I have been keeping them in the garage because they are too heavy to move).

My current categories are snacks (down on the bottom), grains and beans, and junk food up on the top.

To the right I have teas and other drinks, nuts and seeds,dried fruit and breakfast items.

In my fridge I keep drinks up on the top. We currently have a large supply of kombucha (yay sales!) and fresh juice. Our milk is kept on the door with electrolyte water.

Below this I store our left over containers on the shelf with our prepackaged items (like yogurt and some fruits) below. The large pot is my broth cooling.

At the very bottom of the door, my son stores his cups. This makes it easy for him to get a drink whenever he needs. For the same reason, I keep the snack bin on a low shelf so he can grab something if he needs (or if I am nursing and unable to assist).

I hope this encourages you ladies. It's not about perfection. It's about daily life and making that more functional so we have more time to spend on the things that really matter.



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