Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Three Lies

The World would have us believe three lies:

It cannot be simple
There are no instructions
Not everyone can succeed

How wrong they are.

The secular world goes to great lengths to convince us these are true though. There are commercials of mothers complaining about child rearing and household duties, encouragement for debt and divorce, and the greatest ever coming out of the public schools: Generation ME.

A whole generation being raised as self entitled brats.

Excuse my wording please but truly these up and coming soon to be adult frighten me.

They know nothing of the truth.

They don't know the basics
They don't know the Bible
They don't know the value of hard work

And here's what's worse---it's rubbing off on those who are already adults. Facebook has become the new breeding ground for these plagues.

The words "I can't" are seen everywhere.
Ignoring the wealth of knowledge of the Bible and the generations before us is rampant.
More status's are about TV shows than anything actually intelligent.

What are we doing to ourselves?!?

This is not what God would have for us.

Life is simple--Follow Him
There are instructions--open your Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth
Everyone can be successful--keep your focus on Him and be willing to accept His gifts!

How many opportunities are we missing because we have bought into the lies the World tells us? How much longer will we keep listening to them and saying "I can't" instead of listening to God and saying "I believe You can"?



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