Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Relationships Part One

Ladies, I am hoping to do a few posts on this important topic: Relationships

Today may be a bit rambling but this has been on my heart and I feel needs to be said.

Ladies, I do not have time for negative, judgemental, or legalistic people.

Is this harsh? Maybe and I apologize.

My life is far too short and important to God to entertain people who are not going to love and cherish me the way He does.

The moment I realized I did not have to associate with people who were doing nothing for my life was liberating. I left Facebook groups, deleted people from my list and politely broke off contact with others.

You know how I feel? Great!

I have more time to spend with my children, with God and to repair my relationships with my husband and family.

Your worth is NOT defined by what anyone, even another Christian, thinks of you. You are worth far above rubies, priceless in the eyes of God.

Don't let the negative get you down. Banish it from your life. Immerse yourself in the positivity of God. You will never regret it.

God is the only person who can ever know your heart. He wants so much for you so please don't allow judgement, negativity and legalism rule your life. Reach for success in Him.

He wants us to be strong, to have strong relationships. He wants us to serve and to be served. He wants us to face trials head on and to lift up those facing trials. He wants us to always be learning and to be teachers. Learn from those who have gone ahead and teach those coming up.

Stay humble ladies. Be willing to be wrong and to fail. He will use every step for something good. He will show you the path of success in your life and bring those to you who would serve you and be a light in your life.

Ladies, I want success for you. I don't care if you watch Disney, wear skirts or pants, have short or long hair. Our relationship with each other and with God is so much more than that. I truly want to bring you all into a time of love, laughter, stability, security and prosperity in all areas. I love each and every one of you.




  1. Thank you for sharing! I sometimes feel as if I am not enough because I watch Disney, don't wear skirts, work outside the home, etc. Your post is much needed!

  2. Is medium length hair ok, too? Because that describes me. Lol.