Saturday, December 05, 2015

Where I Currently Am and Making It Work

Life has handed me a plate I never thought I would have in front of me.

When unexpected challenges happen we have two choices: to wallow in our own misery and self pity or suck it up and try again.

God doesn't desire for us to be miserable, so why would option one ever be an option for us? He wants for us to rise above adversity, to learn, to grow, to improve and to succeed.

So how do we make the choice to try again?

I could simply say, just do it. That would be the truth. However, when we are so accustomed to feeling sorry for ourselves and falling into depression this is not so easy. So here's what I do:

I sit down and make a list.

I examine where I currently am. What is my current struggle? What areas of my life aren't working for me? Is it finances? Relationships? Work?

Then, I dream. I put into words where I want to be in life. I spend significant more time on this and am careful to be specific because this helps my mind to get into a positive zone. I pray, I talk with God, I seek counsel. I plan.

Once I have these two areas defined, I game plan. I look at my first list and write out the steps I will need to take to get to my dream list. This list becomes my daily plan and helps me to find the necessary vehicle to make my dreams happen. Is it more time with God? A different job? Books? Mentors? Family help? Whatever it is, I identify it and seek to make it happen.

As a young child I was often told "Sailors never quit". This mindset has been emblazoned on my heart. I never accept defeat or no for an answer. Neither should you. You are worth so much more to God. He wants so much more for you. Seek to live His life plan for you rather than accepting defeat in your own choices.



PS. If any of you ever need, please reach out to me. It is my pleasure to encourage you and assist you in any way that I can. 

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