Saturday, January 09, 2016

Changes on the Horizon

In order to better serve you ladies, here are some changes we will be seeing in the near future!

A group dedicated to homemaking mentorship.
This group will have a limited number of ladies added each week to keep the chaos down. Posts will be reviewed by me before posting and there will be strict rules along with a signed honor code.

A study group!
I am excited about this one. This group will allow you to discus the study posts on the blog, books and have guest posts by some of you ladies! Again, strict rules and a signed honor code will apply.

Free Post Group
This is the group you all already know, however changes are being made to keep the drama down. The reply feature will no longer be allowed to make monitoring easier for me. Stricter rules will be added and an honor code as well as reviewed posts for the time being.

Lastly, a local connect group.
This one is further in the future because I'm still working on how to manage this, but here you will be able to find ladies close to you and connect with each other! I am hoping this group will lead to some in person Bible studies and tea dates for all of us.

I hope you ladies find these changes agreeable and are looking forward to them. I have taken all of your advice into consideration when working on these and hope to have them live by the end of next week.




  1. This sounds great Audrey. Thank you for working so hard on this.

  2. Love this idea! I love the group and admire how you have handled things!