Friday, January 01, 2016

Homemaking Mentorship

This year I want to offer 5 ladies a free year of one on one homemaking mentorship with me.

I would like for you ladies to help me with this project. If you know someone who deserves this service then please head over to the group nominate them on the thread. If you feel you could truly benefit from this, please nominate yourself!

I would like to keep this nomination open for the next few weeks and discuss with you ladies who else I can help this way.

I will also be offering mentorship sessions in the CFHShop as a package so keep your eyes open for it this month.



1 comment:

  1. I would love to be one of the 5 chosen for mentorship. I have just started an online bible school, and am trying so hard to live my life as God wishes, but I fail every day, just as we all do. I did not grow up attending church and am now 47 years old. I do have a church family and they are amazing people, and I have not attending in months due to my health issues, so I listen to our Pastors sermons online.