Monday, January 11, 2016

Meal Planning

This week, I am going to share with you very simple meal planning!

If you choose to follow this plan, you'll be in luck because I will also have recipes from time to time here!

It seems as though we are all intimidated by two things, routines/schedules and meal planning. I promise, neither of these are hard with a little direction, focus and simple instructions.

If you choose to, in CFHShop there is a worksheet as well as a printable for this project. Otherwise, you will need paper and pen (and try to nab some quiet time alone).

I always start by planning dinners first as they are usually the most overwhelming. To make this easier on myself, I theme plan. The more broad you make the themes, the easier you will find it to stick to.

Here is an example of what I do

Monday: Red meat
Tuesday: Stir Fry
Wednesday: Winged (poultry)
Thursday: Pasta
Friday: Fish
Saturday: Salad
Sunday: Soup

So this week I made meatloaf with brussle sprouts and potatoes, quinoa and veggies, roast chicken breasts with glazed carrots and stuffing, pesto pasta with white beans and zucchini, salmon with asparagus, a huge salad with apples and nuts, and split pea soup. Super simple and easy to prepare!

Now, for other meals. Keep breakfast quick and simple to alternate. One morning we do eggs with veggies and fruit salad, the next we will do a nutty oatmeal with a smoothie or fresh juice. On the weekend I make a veggie pie and if I'm in a big hurry I grab some coconut yogurt, flax and chia seeds and nuts and a little fruit and run!

Lunches can be a little heavier to get you through the day. I love to start with a salad and broth based soup then follow with a wrap or veggie and cracker platter (with hummus or avocado dip). Salads can be cooked or raw in this house or even protein based like chicken salad or couscous.

Snacks! Make these easy to grab. If you start your week off prepping your snacks you will never find yourself so hungry you cave and give into that junk food craving. I always have nuts and seeds on hand along with nut butters and hummus. I chop up a mix of veggies to dip along with apples and sometimes pears. Popcorn, nut bars (or something like Cliff bars), smoothies, fresh juice with chia seeds, or even a baked potato are awesome snacks!

Having a plan like this makes shopping a breeze and keeping your family nourished fun. I hope this helps to encourage all of you!



For more help with this topic: Simple Meal Planning

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