Monday, February 15, 2016

Facing Life's Challenges

The last year has been a trial for our family.

My husband came home from a 14 month deployment.

We battled for custody of our little Rho (his bio father is currently in and out of jail for abuse, drug, alcohol and other charges).

We moved to a farm.

We moved to a larger home.

We started the foster to adopt process.

We surprisingly got pregnant with Evie.

We went through a separation.

We faced financial challenges (that thankfully were recognized before disaster)

My husband deployed again.

I had our daughter after 28 hours of labor without my husband.

We moved in with family to pay off debt and save to buy a home to create stability.

We're still in the thick of it---we're still facing challenges every day.

Evie has several allergies and Rho has been sick since Christmas (he is now getting tested for autoimmune disorders).

Here's what I'm learning though: God provides!

Our marriage did not fall apart thanks be to Him

Our debt will be paid off in full next month

My husband is safe despite being in a war zone

Our children are getting excellent care with the help of a supportive team that God lead us to

And most of all, God has protected us from the dangers of my ex. All the praise goes to God for getting us out of that situation 4 years ago before Rho was born! Rho has known a wonderful and loving father in my husband and will never face the abuse that we could be living in if God had not led me to an amazing woman of faith.

In the times of trial it is hard to see the light but it is always there. God is always there even if he feels distant.

When you are feeling the most down, take a moment to write down all the blessings that God has brought you. Number them and hold them close to your heart. God provides in the darkest of times. If you can't see the light--be the light!



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  1. Beautiful! I haven't personally been thru what you have, but marriage and raising kids is hard work sometimes! My mother-in-law lives with us and it's stressful sometimes and great at other times. My hubby and I got married when I was 18 and he was 19. That was 16 years ago. We were blessed with our 1st daughter 8 years after marriage. We're now expecting our 6th baby (3rd boy) and homeschooling our 3 oldest:)