Monday, February 29, 2016

Your Husband and Children Are Not the Enemy

It's late in the evening.

Your children are crying, refusing to go to bed.

The dishes are sitting all of the kitchen, still waiting to be done.

A pile of laundry covers your bed, keeping you from sleep.

Your husband is late again

And you're not sure if the bills got paid this month.

You're tired.

Your feelings are valid friend--embrace them! It is not so important how we feel, but what we do with them. The Bible tells us that our feelings our fleeting and deceitful (link), indeed our hearts and minds can best be described as schizophrenic. One moment we are angry, yelling at our children, upset with our mother, disgusted by something our husband has said or done.....and then we flip. We love our children, our husband is the greatest on the planet and our mother is a saint.

Friends, our husbands and children are not the enemy. Even when they fail us, when they fight us, when they disrespect us--they are not the enemy.

There is only one true enemy and he is named in the Bible.

Do not allow him to ever convince you otherwise.

He and those who serve him will try to tear you down when you are at your most weak.

He will manipulate your feelings and thoughts to serve his purpose if you let him.

Stand firm in God.

Do not waver in your faith.

Love them anyways.

Forgive them anyways.

Help them anyways.

Pray for them always.

But please know---no matter how many arguments you have with your husband, no matter how your children behave in public, no matter how much your family drives you up a wall---they are not your enemy. They are a blessing from God and He will use each of you to grow the others. (Disclaimer: this does not ring true for abusive situations. If you are being abused, please reach out for help. God does not support or condone abuse.)

Ladies, don't give into the temptation of broken spirit, of bad attitude and poor outlook. God promises that He will crush our adversary if we turn to Him (Romans 16:20).

Surely, again and again, God promises that He will be there for us and give us victory over any problem we give to Him if we only do so with faith, trust and our whole heart (see here).

I personally don't think that is much to ask, is it?

Ladies, I encourage you to give your whole life, heart and mind to Him. Ask Him to help you to see your life, your family, the world you are living in the way He would have you do so. I promise you, this simple step, this little shift, will radically change your life.



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